Retail Partners

Our retail partners, whether you are a restaurant, wine shop, wine bar, package store or a grocery store, are literally the front line of our business. You present what are often unknown wines to the buying public and literally create the markets for these wines. In Texas, of course, we directly service our retail accounts as a licensed Texas Distributor.

However, just because you are out of state doesn't mean you can't work with Medallion Global. In such cases we will interface with a distributor in your home state to establish a clearing relationship which allows us to legally deliver the wine to your assigned wholesaler and then to you. This often gives you a leg up on the competition who may not even know the brand you are now bringing in exists. It also allows you to negotiate the clearing fee with your distributor which generally reduces overall pricing.

Medallion Global offers support to our retail partners in the form of point of sale materials, wine stands for particular brands, in store visits, technical data, marketing advice, pricing consultation, advice on market placement and more.

For the benefit of our retail clients, we offer temperature controlled storage, direct importation of selected brands, locating services in Bordeaux, clearing arrangements, truck/air/sea shipment options to your assigned wholesaler, 24- hour security in our warehouse, etc.