Medallion Global is a wholesaler and importer of wine, beer and spirits located in Houston, Texas, America's 4th largest city. We are particularly blessed with excellent logistical assets as we are located within easy access of the Port of Houston (America's 2nd busiest port) and Bush Intercontinental Airport (America's 8th biggest airport and the hub of Continental Airlines). Further, Houston is 4 hours or less from 4 of America's 12 largest cities: Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin. The furthest south of America's major cities, we are truly the gateway to South and Central America.

In addition, we provide the following services:

Direct Distribution in the Greater Houston Area - Take advantage of our Houston location to penetrate the 4th largest urban area in America and one of its fastest growing wine markets. We directly serve retail accounts in the Houston area including restaurants, wine bars, package stores, retailers, wine shops, grocery outlets and more.

Introduction of Brands to Texas and/or the U.S. Market - If you are a supplier or winery looking to enter the Texas or U.S. Market, we are happy to consider a partnership. Our extensive contact network nationally provides the opportunity to expose your brand to the biggest and most prestigious wholesalers, restaurants and retailers in America.

Clearing Services - If you are a restaurant or retailer looking to bring in products which do not have any representation in Texas, or if you are a supplier or winery looking to clear your wines into Texas or the U.S., we can help!

A Worldwide Network of Customers - Because of our management team's decades of experience in the wine trade, we have access to a large worldwide network of potential customers in China, Taiwan, all over Europe, etc.

Pricing - For our customers outside of Texas, we are pleased to offer FOB Houston pricing. This allows our customers to arrange for the most cost-effective shipping they choose and also allows for consolidations at their convenience.

Specialization in the Wines of Bordeaux and "Locating" Service - Never in history has the demand for the wines of Bordeaux been as strong as it is today. We are fortunate that one of our managing partners has an extensive background in Bordeaux and was previously a representative for a world renowned Bordeaux trading firm. In addition to our standing inventory of Bordeaux, we are happy to search for particular wines or vintages.