Wholesale Partners

As both a wholesaler and importer, Medallion Global particularly values our wholesale partners as you allow us to distribute our wines outside the state of Texas. We are also very conscious of the fact that it is your efforts which largely build brand identity in our exterior markets. As such, we want to form as close a bond as we are able with our wholesale partners and to provide you all assistance in creating a brand identity and marketing our products. We can provide help with point of sale materials, market visits, ride alongs, visits from winery representatives and wine makers, direct advice on how to market our products, technical information, etc.

We also greatly appreciate the willingness of our partners to work with us who act strictly on a clearing basis.

Furthermore, we are open to working with the brands of our wholesale partners in our home state of Texas and to introduce those brands to our international customers as well. This can be a lucrative 2 way street!

For the benefit of our wholesale clients, we offer temperature controlled storage, direct importation of selected brands, locating services in Bordeaux, FOB Houston pricing, truck/air/sea shipment, 24-hour security in our warehouse, etc.

Having worked on all sides of the wine business, we are conscious of the need for value in the products you purchase - if you don't make money we lose a customer! We are not looking for a one time sale, but for a repeat customer. We also realize that your end user must make money and so we price our wines bearing in mind realistic end user market pricing and the need for everyone down the buying chain to be able to find value in our products.