Winery & Supplier Partners

As a wholesaler and importer, we have the luxury to be able to buy directly from wineries, both in the U.S. and abroad. We take that partnership very seriously because we realize that we will be the U.S. or international face of your brand. What we do directly bears on how successful your brand will be and how it is perceived. For those reasons, we keep in close contact with our suppliers and are active partners in that relationship. We advise on realistic pricing for the market in question, assist with questions regarding brand image, labeling, market positioning, etc. We will also advise if changes in the style of the wine help/hurt the brand.

Because of our extensive worldwide network, we can provide potential markets and real world contacts in Texas, the entire U.S. and numerous foreign countries including China, Taiwan, most of Europe, etc. One of our managing partners is a former representative of one of the world's significant firms in the Bordeaux market. He is also a multiple time winner of the Wine Spectator award. His decades of experience have created a network of contacts that few firms can rival.

For the benefit of our winery/supplier partners, we offer temperature controlled storage, direct importation of selected brands, ocean shipments to the Port of Houston (America's 2nd busiest port), air shipment options to Bush Intercontinental Airport (America's 8th busiest airport and the hub of Continental Airlines), world to world insurance on all shipments, ocean shipping by the world's largest alcohol shipping company, 24-hour security in our warehouse, in addition to the benefits noted above regarding marketing and more.